Konferenz|Etc-caraibe (Guadeloupe) und the fence (European Theatre Network)
Konferenzteilnahme, Vortrag, szenische Einrichtung
15. 11. 2010
Le Gosier, Guadeloupe
General theme: Epicentres
15. bis 20. Nov. 2010

Konferenzteilnahme, Vortrag, szenische Einrichtung

Monday 15th :
9 am – Opening of " 2nd dramaturgic meetings of the Caribbean
Bernard Lagier Président d' Etc-caraibe, Alain Foix, Jonathan Meth, FENCE, Regional director of Culture, Danielle Vendé, director(manager) Etc-caraibe
10 am – Speed dating for the 40 authors (5 mn each)
12 am – LUNCH
3 pm –  Round Table: " suburbs: realities-stakes and perspectives"
Mediator: Bernard Lagier
" What a peripheral author? "
" Peripherie: myth or reality for the playwright "
" Europe as stake in the peripherie " by Alain Foix
" The Caribbean author in the suburb of whom, of which? "
7 pm-Cocktail party of welcome in the Departmental House
Reading of extracts of " an Ernest Pépin's speech (writer, Departmental director of culture )

TUESDAY, 16th:
9 am - Residence of collective writing
Presentation: Alain Foix
Theme: earthquakes
9:45 am: distribution of the authors by groups around texts their first drafts                           
10 am: reading, debates of the dramaturgic stakes, collective rewriting
3 pm- Round Table " Live on writing: which opportunities? "
6 pm - Pause
7 pm- Reading of  a text

9 am - Three groups
GROUP 1: finished text GROUPS 2: unfinished text
Workshop(Studio) translation at the End collective writing of texts
Meetings in schools and jails
12.30  : LUNCH
AFTERNOON: free (sun, sand and … what u want)

9 am-  3 groups
GROUP1 : finished texts, GROUPE 2 : unfinished texts
Translation workshop
GROUPE 3 : Meetings in schools and jails
10H30 : Table ronde « partir en résidence d’écriture »
Bernard Lagier " experience of residence of writing Etc-caraibe in Benin "
Ariel Felipe Wood " to write in foreign country: experience(experiment) of résidence Etc-caraibe in Paris "
12:30 am LUNCH
3 pm: work of stake in space of texts finished in collective writing
Workshops of translation, Meetings in schools
6 pm-PAUSE
7 pm - Reading of " Texts" Of  (Hey, Fence, who wants??)  In the bar of the hotel (free admission).

Friday 19
8 am-Departure of the hotel for Basse-Terre
10 am- Visit of  Fort Delgrès
12  - LUNCH
2 pm - Public Readings room Jenny Alpha, Artchipel Scène nationale
Reading by the authors of texts written collectively on earthquakes.
Opened to the public, entered on reservation or invitation
6 pm-Cocktail(Cocktail party) offered by the DRAC (Ministry of Cullture)
8 pm – Show: Eugène O' Neil's " breakfast " in Artchipel
9:30 pm - Dinner
23H-Return on Gosier


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